Hi-Tech Car Theft Prevention

This home cam in video, shared with the Police, shows how clever car theft has become. One crook waves a repeater around the front door, where he presumes the keys are hung safely within. The repeater sends the keyless entry signal to the a paired device, held near the car door. The car interprets the signal as the arriving owner and unlocks the car.

One solution: An RFID blocking sleeve.

Better still, keep your keys by the nightstand:  the panic/alarm button can serve as a  deterrent to break-in / home invasion.


Cheers (and be safe)



This GMail will self-destruct…


Among the new features coming to a gmail: Self‑destructing emails.




Unfortunately, this feature only works for new messages
(sorry, Dwayne).



Can’t wait to switch? Click the Settings Gear googlesettingsgear  and Select  Try the new Gmail



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Unsend GMail

Experiencing an email Doh! moment? New feature in Gmail lets you undo SEND !

UNDO Gmail

Can’t Wait for this new feature? Then don’t!
Click the Settings Geargooglesettingsgear and select Try the new Gmail



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Gmail: Snooze

The next series of posts individually highlight at some of the new features of G-Mail. Today’s focus: Snooze

Snooze Gmail

Although by no means a devout follower, I do aspire to the Inbox Zero methodology. G-Mail’s new Snooze option makes it easier to, at least temporarily, cleanse the inbox (and who doesn’t feel better after a good cleanse)

Can’t Wait for this new feature? Then Don’t! To Switch to the new Gmail, Click the Settings Gear


And select Try the Gmail



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Coming Soon: the new Gmail

Switch to New Gmail.gif

Google has announced that their new and improved Gmail will start launching in July, hosting a range of new Inbox features, like:

  • Snooze: adds a timer for a message to pop back up later
  • Preview: view attachments (i.e., docs, jpgs) from within the message list
  • Side-Bar: quick access to Google apps (e.g., Calendar, Keep) and 3rd-party Add-ins


In addition, Compose also gets a few new tools:

  • Smart Compose, an IA (intelligent assistant) for sentence completion.
  • Confidential Mode, limits recipient’s print and forward options
  • Message Delete, automatically destroys message after a set time.

But Why Wait?

The new interface becomes  standard in July, with the Google’s customary Opt-in or postpone option. Users who can’t wait can opt-in right now.

To Switch to the new Gmail:

  1. Click the Settings Gear googlesettingsgear at right
  2. Select  Try the Gmail



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Shhh…Alexa is listening (and she can’t keep a secret)!

Amazon Echo

We’ve heard about her creepy laugh, but this may be the first reported instance of her tattling on her masters family. In what Amazon calls an “unlikely but possible” string of events one Echo device recorded a family’s private conversation and sent recording to contact.

Apparently, the device interpreted a word in the background conversation as ‘Alexa,’ prompting her to wakeup and take notice. She then it interpreted the ensuing words in the conversation as a send message.

Alexa’s query, ‘To whom? ‘ went unheard among the conversants, and she (Alexa) interpreted a word among in the conversation as the name of a saved family contact. Asking for confirmation (‘ ________, right?’) she interpreted, among the following words, a confirming, ‘right.’

Then did what she believes was told to do.

Amazon’s statement : “As unlikely as this string of events is, we are evaluating options to make this case even less likely.

Find Your Phone using Google

*updated May ’18

Lost your android phone? You can have your phone send out a Here I am! ring, or lock the device with an “If found, please return” message.

To Locate your Android Phone

  1. Go to https://www.google.com/android/find.
    Note: you will be prompted to log into your Google account.
  2. Your phone’s locationlocation-icon-png-14will appear highlighted.
  3. Select preferred option(s):
    a. Click Ring to have your phone ring.
    b. Click Lock to secure your phone with a message and callback number.
    c. Click Erase to wipe your personal data.



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