Another crazy April…

Lego Smart Bricks

Oh how I wish there real!

SmartBricks that automatically slide away from you as you walk, leaving a clean, brick-less path.

Cauliflower Peeps

yeah, but the Pepsi peep is real.

DuoLingo Toilet Paper

‘cuz what else you got do

Razer Rapunzel Glowup Hair Dye

Velveeta Skincare

Author: quincy harley jr

Quincy is a technophile, coach and Learning Development expert. He has an extensive legal IT background and is practiced in MS Office application support and product development. As a project leader he has been integral in numerous new application rollouts. Whatever spare time he has, is spent with reading, archery and watching his young sons grow.

2 thoughts on “Another crazy April…”

  1. One year I pried off the letters M and N and switched them on the keyboard of the IT Director. It took a few days for him to catch on. Priceless.

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