Why Pacer should (and should not) be like Edgar

Great write up on how Pacer, with arguments for and against removing the pay per use fee. Did you know that the DOJ is the biggest user of the PACER, and that DOJ is publically funded that comes out of the taxpayers backpocket?
For more on keeping/dropping/revising the pay structure, read on.

The Rosetta’s Philae Lander Makes History, Successfully Lands On Comet 67P

One small step for a drone, one giant leap for,..well, a drone.
Godspeed, Rosetta/Philae!

Asus To Begin Selling Android Wear-Powered ZenWatch In The U.S. Nov. 9

To borrow from ‘Taylor Swift’, We will never ever ever …wear an iWatch (despite how cool we secretly think they look). So we are really excited by the new #androidwear coming out in time to vie for your holiday bonus bucks. Here’s a peek at the ASUS model, expected in to hit stores next week.

Researchers Send Robotic Penguin Babies In To Monitor Real Penguins

Scientist use robotic penguin to get up close and personal to nesting penguin colony.

Yes, the science is great, so do read the article. Then check out the video to get your baby penguin fix (trumps the cat video meme, hands-down)!

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