Researchers Send Robotic Penguin Babies In To Monitor Real Penguins

Scientist use robotic penguin to get up close and personal to nesting penguin colony.

Yes, the science is great, so do read the article. Then check out the video to get your baby penguin fix (trumps the cat video meme, hands-down)!


As we approach the coming AI singularity, it will be important for the robots to move among us to track us undetected. If this article in Nature Methods is any indication, they will do this by dressing up a small four-wheeled rover as a facsimile of a baby George Clooney and, as paparazzi snap away, the robot will tag us using RFID chips and carry some of us away for study.

That’s all in the future, though, so we’ll have to settle for the cutest penguin video on TechCrunch today. Researchers studying nesting penguins found that they caused a lot of commotion when they, as humans, tried to move in to track massive colonies. They then tried a small wheeled robot with built-in RFID readers and GPS but that also stressed the birds. Finally they put a fluffy little penguin doll on top of the robot which now was easily…

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Author: quincy harley jr

Quincy is a technophile, coach and Learning Development expert. He has an extensive legal IT background and is practiced in MS Office application support and product development. As a project leader he has been integral in numerous new application rollouts. Whatever spare time he has, is spent with reading, archery and watching his young sons grow.

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