Apple Watch’s Smart(looking) competitor from H. Moser & Cie

Get a Life!

That’s H. Moser & Cie, luxury Swiss watch manufacturers, response to activewear enthusiasts. With a design that looks remarkable similar to the Apple Watch, it boast one clear difference. This mechanical watch tells time; brilliantly, beautifully, and that’s all; encouraging you to connect in real-life and stop staring at your wrist.

To see style in action, watch this clever video.


TAG Heuer is the first luxury watchmaker to launch a smartwatch


When it comes to watches, can European style successfully merge with Silicon Valley design?

Tag Heuer - Connected SmartwatchTag Heuer’s answer, the Connected smartwatch. With all the trimmings this $1,500 Android device has all the sensors and fitness-tracking functions you’d expect in a smartwatch, wrapped up in a chic, high-end design you’d expect from Tag Heuer

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