Swiss Health Insurer Tests Fitness Trackers That Penalize Inactive People

CSS, one of the country’s biggest health insurers, launched a pilot project in July, in which the company tracks the movements of 2,000 volunteers on a daily basis using digital pedometers. The program is intended to aid insurance companies in tailoring their offers to their customers’ needs.

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The Withings Activité Pop Is Probably The Best Overall Activity Tracker Yet

In an early post I waxed poetically (and enviably) about the new Activité watch; the fitness-activity tracker that looks like a real (i.e., pricey, analog) watch. With its French design, Swiss craftsmanship and $450 price tag, it quickly went to my WANT IT / CAN’T HAVE IT list. Now Withings, the company that produced the original, has created a mass consumer version, named Activité Pop.

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Vessyl: It knows what you’ve been drinking

Any idea how much sugar is in that juice drink?

The Vessyl drinking cup can detect and log your fluid intake.

Vessyl Drinking Thermos

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Worried you’re not sufficiently hydrating during the day?
Any idea how much sugar is in that juice drink?

The Vessyl drinking cup (now accepting pre-orders) can detect and log your fluid intake. How smart is it? In addition to H2O this chalice can apparently identify various beverages by name (e.g., Crush soda, Vitamin Water, Tropicana O.J.) and even varieties of Gatorade flavors. The on-cup display shows beverage amount and components (i.e., sugar, caffeine, etc.) and the data is sent to your activity tracking device.

Although I am not sold on the need for this level of monitoring I do appreciate the science behind it. Among the wave of activity trackers flooding our internet shelves this will certainly appeal to some.

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