Happy Birthday, VisiCalc!


Excel, wish your granddad a happy birthday  🎂



Great Ports We Have Loved

Alas PS/2 port, how I knew and loved you

As we approach a new era in computing in which thinner, lighter, and presumably more hostile devices become the norm, let’s look back on some ports we have all known and loved and that are now gone to that great e-waste yard in the sky. Read More

via Great ports we have loved — TechCrunch

An Internet Minute

This infographic comes from the IntelScoop.com (March 2013)
The arrangement seems wholly arbitrary; I would’ve preferred if the items were placed in ascending order.
Click here for the full article.

For an updated (December 2013) version of an Internet Minute, click here for an equally horrendous infographic, courtesy of AlleyWatch.com

Enjoy, and remember; the minute you spend looking at this is a minute you could have spent greeting those 100 new LinkedIn members.

An Internet Minute
click image for full size
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