Shorthand Made Easy: AutoText


no reply necessary.” I often conclude my communications this way, not only as a selfless way to let recipients off the call-to-action hook, but also as a selfish  means to reduce incoming email.

Any text you often use should be AutoText. Here’s a quick way to create an AutoText entry in Outlook and Word.

Creating AutoText

  1. Type and format the text you wish to save.
  2. Select the text.
  3. On the Insert tab, click Quick Parts, then Save Selection to Gallery. The New Building Block dialog appears.
  4. Enter name (recommend 4 or more characters), and select AutoText from the Gallery drop-down.
  5. OK.

To use the AutoText entry, just type the name you created and press space, Enter or (for entries shorter than 4 characters) F3.


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