Accents made easy in Word

loved your pate!

Our world shrinks and our community becomes increasingly global. For those using the 26 letter (aka, US 101) keyboard, proper communications can be challenging.

Master these easy keyboard shortcuts so as not to mistake pate with pâté, fur with für, or Crème fraîche with, well, anything. 

To avoid a lot of memorization, remember: look for the key that looks like the accented character and match it with a CTRL (and sometimes SHIFT) stroke. Many of the special characters can be created by using apostrophe ( ′ ),  colon (:)  caret (^) and tilde (~).






acute accent CTRL +, followed by letter más (Sp., more)


grave accent CTRL + `, followed by letter (Fr., where)


diaeresis/umlaut CTRL + SHIFT + :, followed by letter Tür (Gr., door)


circumflex CTRL+ SHIFT ^, followed by letter tête (Fr., head)


tilde CTRL + SHIFT ~, followed by letter Piña Colada (a dreadful 70s song)
Bonus language-specific shortcuts:


(Fr.) cedilla CTRL + , (comma), followed by c garçon (boy)


(Gr.) eszett CTRL + SHIFT + &, followed s groß (large)




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Author: quincy harley jr

Quincy is a technophile, coach and Learning Development expert. He has an extensive legal IT background and is practiced in MS Office application support and product development. As a project leader he has been integral in numerous new application rollouts. Whatever spare time he has, is spent with reading, archery and watching his young sons grow.

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