PowerPoint: Customize Bullets

Want to make an Oscar worthy, award-winning presentation? The difference between your presentation and all others is design and style. Don’t limit yourself to cookie-cutter, off the shelf bullets. Any saved image can be a source for better bullets.

Watch this 60 second video to learn all you need to know

  1. Select text to be formatted.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Bullets drop-down and select Bullets and Numbering. The Bullets and Numbering dialog appears.
  3. Click Picture. The Picture Bullet dialog appears.
  4. Click Import. A file browser window opens.
  5. Navigate to saved image file (i.e. JPG, GIF) and select picture.
  6. Click Add. The image is added to the picture gallery.
  7. Click OK.



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