Adding Check Boxes

1 of 4: Adding Check Boxes

In these four post we will will create an interactive report using Check boxes and DSUM (and without the using macros). In this first of four, we start with adding Check Boxes.

Since Excel 2007, the use of macros in spreadsheets have added an additional element of complexity. Macros must now be stored in XLSM format, which raises a red flag in excel as a potential threat. In this series of posts, we eschew VBA and ActiveX automation, in exchange for ‘old fashioned’ excel programming, using form controls and statistical functions.

Check Box

Adding Check boxes to your spreadsheet can make it easier for you and your reviewers to edit spreadsheet data. The Check box tool is found on the Developer Tab. To add the Developer tab, click File, Options, Customize Ribbon, and check Developer.

To Add a Check box

  1. On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click Insert Check box (Form Control).
  2. Using the mouse, Click & Drag to draw a Check box control. A Check box control is placed, consisting of the Check box and the label text.
    Tip: Hold down the ALT key as you Click & Drag to draw an object equal in size to the selected cell.
  3. Right + Click on the Check box control and select Edit Text. An insertion point appears.
  4. Delete the Check box label text (e.g. Check Box 1).
  5. Click & Drag rightmost selection handle to reduce the size of the Check box control.
  6. Enter your text into the cell that contains the Check box.
    Tip: To indent the text, on the Home ribbon, click the Alignment dialog launcher and increase the cell Indent to 2.


alignmentNext: Linking the Check Box to a Cell!



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