Google Star Wars Easter Egg

Ramping up for the December opening of Star Wars – The Force Awakens, here’s a short and sweet Google Easter egg:

  1. Go to Google search page
  2. Type in “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Self Driving Cars, the Volvo Way


Volvo is developing a self-driving car. The car company aims to have their auto on the roads in two years (ahead of competitor, Google).

Will they? Who knows. Wait and see. But for a peek at what Volvo promises, watch this slick concept video.

And for more on their driverless agenda click this link to the article

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OK Google, “How do you ticket a driverless car?”

The short answer, as Mountainview police found out, is; you don’t.

One of Google’s driverless cars, which operate at the conservative speed of 25 mph, was stopped for driving below the speed limit of 35 mph. The car was stopped by police and the operators were contacted to learn how self-driving cars determine driving regulations a given road.

No citation was issued.

For more follow this link to article.

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TAG Heuer is the first luxury watchmaker to launch a smartwatch


When it comes to watches, can European style successfully merge with Silicon Valley design?

Tag Heuer - Connected SmartwatchTag Heuer’s answer, the Connected smartwatch. With all the trimmings this $1,500 Android device has all the sensors and fitness-tracking functions you’d expect in a smartwatch, wrapped up in a chic, high-end design you’d expect from Tag Heuer

For more click here: to access article.

How Much Daylight does Daylight Savings Time really save us?

This weekend, many of us once again resumed standard time. Wondering if it’s worth it? This Interactive chart will help you apply some personal perspective to the argument for or against Daylight Savings Time.

Click here to view DST Interactive Chart at

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